Fairness Matters

Like a bolt of lightning out of the clear blue he proclaimed that “fairness matters”. It seemed that he believed that he had finally stumbled onto the key. The hours of research had produced fruit and that fruit could be described in these two words.

According to the book “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer this enlightenment was proclaimed by one of the major speakers at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in 2013. The speaker proceeded to explain that their political message needed a sugar-coating to enable a majority of Americans to swallow it. Their basic belief remains unchanged that less regulation and lower taxes for their enterprises is essential. This new awakening was the focus of the Koch Brothers Seminar titled “The Long-Term Strategy: Engaging the Middle Third.” Although acknowledging “we want to decrease regulations….to make more profits and cut government spending….so we don’t have to pay so much in taxes” remained the guiding principle. This led to the further acknowledgement that Americans “wanted a clean environment and health and high standards of living, as well as political and religious freedom and peace and security.” How does this group which spent millions to deny climate change, vehemently oppose the Affordable Care Act, oppose the minimum wage and welfare, organized labor and perhaps most important funding public education support this? Thus the message would be fairness and well-being. The conclusion being that the fairness and well-being will still remain with this ultra-rich group who only want more for themselves.

This enlightenment of what Americans wanted only showed how out of touch and selfish this group of super rich actually is. Any public school educated junior high student would believe in the need for clean air, decent wages, health care and education. Where are these people? Have they never stood in line at a doughnut shop or grocery store? No, they have not, most not from birth.

Get ready for the 2016 election because their money will flow in the millions. Our only salvation is that if we vote, we can always out vote their dollars.


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