Is American Education Failing or Are We?

Why would anyone believe depleting funds public schools need by giving public money to private schools would improve public education.  We are told our public schools are failing. We accept that without question. Why?   We all were educated, got jobs, raised families following the American dream believing education is the path to achieve it.  Have we stopped believing … More Is American Education Failing or Are We?

Raising Old Glory

Driving along a major interstate highway I could not help but see the super size American flag waving on a extra high pole needed to accommodate its height and width. I never saw such flags while in the military or on government buildings. As I drove past where the flag was located I saw it … More Raising Old Glory

Impeach, yes, Convict?

Does President Trump deserve to be convicted now that he has been impeached, certainly?  Should he be convicted by the Senate,  probably not?  The penalty upon conviction is removal from office and after a separate vote by the Senate the President could also be barred from future public office.  I take exception with efforts by President … More Impeach, yes, Convict?