A Tale of Three Walls

This was posted in March of 2017. It seems more relevant now. Calling for a wall that essentially has minimal or no purpose because it was a campaign pledge is ridiculous at best. The campaign promise included how the wall would be paid for. Forcing American workers to suffer economic hardship and harming our economy … More A Tale of Three Walls

Running Scared

The media and bloggers reference how scared people are. How afraid of what Mr. Trump and his lapdog Republicans plan to do next. The marches and action by many people are not motivated by fear. Many disagree with the attitude and direction which our supposed leaders seek to pursue. Afraid no, scared no but absolutely … More Running Scared

Bernie Hoo? ray

The sixties, the decade of young people stepping up, getting involved, questioning the rules and defying the accepted from the length of hair to feminism.  We were going to change the world to create a better place.  It wasn’t just Woodstock and bell bottom pants.  Many of us believed in what we were doing or at least in … More Bernie Hoo? ray

Do Our Leaders Care About Us?

Read today’s newspaper or review any informational outlet be it websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever, what are our so called leaders saying, doing, posting, etc?  We have people in Wahington, DC complaining about an effort to limit nuclear proliferation and potentially stopping it.  Our state legislators are passing legislation to limit abortions, gay … More Do Our Leaders Care About Us?