Gandhi vs Christ

Gandhi is quoted as saying that he liked our Christ but not Christians. His dislike was not anti-Christ only that Christians do not follow the teachings of Christ while claiming to be his followers. Where does he get off criticizing us Christians? Many of us go to church on Sunday, we donate to charities, do not murder or harm others. Even if we don’t go to church many of us still believe and call ourselves Christians. We are basically honest in our dealings with others and work each day to care for our families. Who does this Gandhi think he is saying, we do not act like Christ? Granted none of us want to be crucified or even suffer as Christ did. Realistically we are not called to do so. We believe and follow his teachings. There’s the sermon on the mount and Christ telling the apostles to feed his sheep. Surely Christ didn’t mean all the sheep. Some are lazy, dirty, speak funny, don’t believe as we do. Even though Gandhi was not a Christian we still respect him, kind of. I’m sure these terrorists or wannabe terrorists or look and sound like terrorists weren’t the sheep Christ referred to. Although Pope Frances didn’t like the wall idea, he mentioned building bridges. Somehow I’m sure that bridge should have a toll gate. Again who does this Gandhi guy think he’s talking to. Look at all we do and then tell me we Christians aren’t Christ like, really?

This is meant to be tongue in cheek but a little more thought about what Gandhi had to so may lead us all in a better direction.


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