New York Times Is Worth Every Penny

Pandemic seems to be such a scary word. Globalization is a word which creates fear for some people as well. Perhaps the fear of the word pandemic is justified. The fear or perhaps rejection of globalization is based on prejudice to some extent. The concept that we make such and such a product and it’s … More New York Times Is Worth Every Penny


5 Ways To Help

Generally I write my own thoughts to post on my blog. Sometimes we are better by reading others particularly in the current times. Panic buying needs to stop and calm prevail. This situation is difficult for us all, worse for some but together we can get through it. Wirecutter 5 Ways to Help Your Community … More 5 Ways To Help

Journalists Matter

This article in today’s New York Times displays the courage and importance of journalists. In China getting the news out is risky business. Although we have some courageous journalists in the US too often getting the news out is primarily business. As China Cracks Down on Coronavirus Coverage, Journalists Fight Back The Communist Party is … More Journalists Matter