Sticks and Stones

Phyllis Tickle wrote an excellent book entitled “The Great Emergence.” Although the book discusses how church’s experience substantial changes about every 500 years, church behavior is not the purpose of this reference. Communication between and among people is the reason for this reference. As people relocated from the country and rural small town type lifestyles … More Sticks and Stones


Virtually none of the “mainstream” Republican party leadership found him acceptable or supported Mr. Trump’s presidential bid. Now that his nomination is inevitable where do these principled leaders stand? Do these leaders really seek what is best for our country through the policies which they support or is their allegiance principally to the Republican Party? … More DUPING THE DOPES

DT or DT’S

Growing up we were told not to be like Uncle Pat. He was a drunk. When he got really crazy, Mom would tell us he had the DT’S. We didn’t know what that was but knew it wasn’t good. He acted pretty weird, said crazy things, didn’t make sense and was hard to understand. When … More DT or DT’S