The Great Divide-Voting Out Of Fear

Where is the great divide and what is this fear?  Democracy has been rejuvenated in America.  When tallied Americans will have cast around 150 million votes in person, absentee and mail in.  This turnout despite major efforts to limit minority voting, reduced times for early voting including a most blatant attack on voting by physically … More The Great Divide-Voting Out Of Fear


The Leadership Vacuum

What course should we, America, be following? Mr. Trump attacks various trade agreements. He states that these have given an unfair advantage to foreign countries and competitors. Traditionally the Republican Party has supported such agreements as beneficial to business. The Democratic Party has been less inclined to support them as harmful to labor. I want … More The Leadership Vacuum

Big Iron On His Hip

Sitting in the restaurant there was music playing ever so low in the background. It wouldn’t interfere with normal conversation nor was it in any way disruptive. This one song sounded vaguely familiar. I could hear the melody and a few words as we ate and talked. Slowly I recognized the song playing in the … More Big Iron On His Hip