Is American Education Failing or Are We?

Why would anyone believe depleting funds public schools need by giving public money to private schools would improve public education.  We are told our public schools are failing. We accept that without question. Why?   We all were educated, got jobs, raised families following the American dream believing education is the path to achieve it.  Have we stopped believing … More Is American Education Failing or Are We?

Title 42 for Who(m)?

Get the wall finished, more storage containers and buses headed North.  Some leaders yell people illegally crossing our Southern border are headed for a dramatic increase if Title 42 is ended.  Republican attorneys general in 15 states have argued that ending Title 42 will increase the flow of migrants into the U.S.  What is Title … More Title 42 for Who(m)?

An Honorable Person

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian award of the United States, along with the Congressional Gold Medal. These two awards are bestowed by the president of the United States and by Congress to recognize people who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, … More An Honorable Person

Growing Better

Many small cities are growing in response to the movement from larger urban areas due to people seeking a less congested life style or perhaps remote workers seeking more affordable housing.  Current residents often view this as problematic.  Blaming and complaining about growth without accepting the responsibility of providing a solution is not acceptable.  Saying you … More Growing Better

A King of Some Fools

Another DC-8 stretch jet accelerating along the runway, the pilot decides all OK to climb, the wheels lift off the runway at Cam Ranh Bay as the sounds from inside echo to those still behind or just arriving.  Not a one of us thought this a country we liberated but our year was complete.  Heading … More A King of Some Fools