People talk of Mr. Trump as a Washington outsider. He is not a politician is how the story goes. Nothing could be further from being correct. A new highrise on the waterfront, a new Wal-Mart coming on the edge of town, a new giant shopping center are major issues at the local level of government. … More Outsider-In

Are We There Yet?

The media still covers the great email caper and reinforces the Republican political agenda. The republicans were astute or devious enough to recognize that Hillary Clinton would probably be the Democratic Party nominee for President quite some time ago. Apparently not so astute as to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on their radar screen, … More Are We There Yet?

DT or DT’S

Growing up we were told not to be like Uncle Pat. He was a drunk. When he got really crazy, Mom would tell us he had the DT’S. We didn’t know what that was but knew it wasn’t good. He acted pretty weird, said crazy things, didn’t make sense and was hard to understand. When … More DT or DT’S

The Investigative Report (so called)

There are six  basis interrogatives any investigator needs to know  and to use. These are who, what, when, where, how and why,  This can be a criminal type investigation, academic investigation, general research, etc.  The use of these interrogatives should be procedural for any investigator.  In the current political climate it should be common and … More The Investigative Report (so called)