A Tale of Three Walls

This was posted in March of 2017. It seems more relevant now. Calling for a wall that essentially has minimal or no purpose because it was a campaign pledge is ridiculous at best. The campaign promise included how the wall would be paid for. Forcing American workers to suffer economic hardship and harming our economy is disgraceful. I only hope the American people and our government employees know who has caused this travesty.

Much about President Trump’s wall is in the media, the organizations preparing construction bids, the cost and who will pay, how many people it will keep out and how many “American” jobs will be protected. Maybe in these and other alleged justifications there is some truth. We as individuals need to research it and reach our own conclusions. We might use an academic approach, follow the media information or rely on our own common sense approach. This last approach tells us each to consider the Wall based on our family values, religious beliefs, education through high school and discussions with friends and co-workers. We all develop our beliefs and expectations based on these interactions. Each needs to form their own opinion of purpose and value of the proposed wall.

Many of us perhaps recall the fall of the Berlin Wall. Not so many recollect when that wall was erected. Regardless the day it started coming down was hailed as a great day for freedom. The Berlin Wall was an actual symbol of the iron curtain the Soviet Union created to both keep its people in and other people out. Walls without gates have this dual purpose. This wall was viewed as not only keeping people in but also locking freedom out. The cruel dictatorship behind that wall lasted for many years. The physical wall is now history but the attitude of those who built and saw a need for that wall still flourishes today.

The third wall was built in our nation’s capitol. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial stands proud not far from the White House. Many people visit this site each year and search for the names of loved ones, friends or just to imagine how much we lost as a nation in those 58,000 plus lives. Just regular kids of different races, religions, political beliefs, etc. each followed what each perceived as their duty, or belief in our country or the need to help keep other people free. Perhaps some were naïve or not well-informed or firmly committed to the purpose as good. Regardless that wall with all their names says to this nation we care about others and recognize the loss it represents.

One wall locked people in to a society without freedom. Another wall proposes to keep people out. People who only seek freedom and economic opportunity for themselves and their families left behind. The third wall says to us all we died so that others could live free. We died as American soldiers some white, some black, some native Americans, many the children and grand children of immigrants. Pride in America is found on a wall. It is the wall in Washington, D.C. along with other similar memorials to those who served and actually sacrificed for this wonderful country.
The choice is for each of us to make. When we look inside ourselves what does our common sense tell us. Which wall represents what America stands for to each of us. Each of us needs to decide what we believe and what this country represents. The world is watching. Do we really need this new wall?


One thought on “A Tale of Three Walls

  1. No argument on my part. The misconceived notion of monolithic communism, Kennan’s containment theory and so on were in the mind of our so called leaders. I doubt any of those 18 and 19 years thought much beyond the more mundane reasons they were lead to believe. I don’t think many Americans today even seek a false justification for Trump’s wall. Bigotry is looming so large in the US today. Thank you for your comment.


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