Remember McCarthy, Think Yonanovitch

If you recall Senator Joseph McCarthy during the 50s used his political podium to challenge good Americans claiming they were communist sympathizers. His war against good people went on until he went after the military. At that point the public said no Senator Joe that’s as far as you go.

We may be at a similar point now. But it’s not the military that is the defining moment but rather the diplomatic corps. These are people who dedicate their lives to being assigned to places many of us have no interest in ever visiting. Often we could not even locate these places on a map. These are dedicated people, Americans, who advocate for the good of our country and the position of the United States of America in the world order.

President Trump and his lackeys like Secretary Pompeo have gone too far. They are attacking the wrong agency now. I thought originally going after the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency would be a line that should not be crossed. That was not the case for various reasons. The State Department, foggy bottom, is different. These people seek no great recognition, high public office nor fame. These diplomats only see the betterment of our country and its place within the world order as their duty.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo you’ve gone too far. We, the people, are drawing the line in the sand this time. The State Department is a group filled with pride in what they do. They make us proud throughout the world. Remember Marie Yonanovitch because she is your undoing.


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