Are We There Yet?

The media still covers the great email caper and reinforces the Republican political agenda. The republicans were astute or devious enough to recognize that Hillary Clinton would probably be the Democratic Party nominee for President quite some time ago. Apparently not so astute as to see Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on their radar screen, but then astute doesn’t mean smart. If the actions and the report of the Benghazi committee weren’t obvious enough to verify the political agenda for their action, then Rep. McCarthy announced it on their behalf. But the emails, that was the absolute worst, the most horrific action by then Secretary of State Clinton.

Here we are a good year later and it’s still in the papers and on the various broadcasts. These journalists and broadcasters vary in age from relatively young to senior citizens. Someone forty and under should possess a good working knowledge of computers and emails. You would expect all to have a basic knowledge of typing but many pick and poke to type out their quests for a Pulitzer Prize. Since I fall into the senior section my computer skills are quite limited. I can read and reply to emails on my computer which some computer tech set up for me at work or at home. My use of Word allows me to type letters and Internet access allows me to order some items on-line, generally books to read, and access to some web sites. All this arranged on my computer by a tech savvy person years younger than me. Seniors do exist who have a good working knowledge of computers but these are rare. If I have a problem and can’t contact a computer tech, a call to one of my children is my solution. They grew up on computers and grasp it almost through osmosis. I’m still a bit hesitant to act alone for fear of “messing something up.” If I had to guess I expect like so many of us, Hillary Clinton falls into my category. Do I know what an email is? Sure, but I don’t really have a clue how it got there.

May I digress for a moment, when I served in the US Army many years ago I worked in military intelligence (I know an oxymoron). That be it as it may it is the truth. The number of documents I saw that had a classification on them was horrendous. Most every piece of paper in a combat zone was classified to some extent but we stopped just short of labeling toilet paper. Regardless as long as we recognized the classification we treated it accordingly, even documents with no classification were reviewed per the office protocol. Since emails and faxes did not exist back then, forwarding an email was not an issue.

I am going to assume that any emails received or sent today which bear a classification require an established procedure to be followed. If not classified then a routine email response should be appropriate. There are supposedly 30,000 emails “missing” of which a few according to the FBI had a visible classification on them in some manner. This is not an excuse but it may be possible to have missed it and forwarded it to a proper authority for review or action. I have to assume there were thousands of other emails handled in accordance with established procedure, classified or not. The job of Secretary of State is essentially a 24 hour a day job. Should I load my briefcase each day at five to take work home? Wait a minute this is now a paperless world. I don’t need a briefcase, I have a computer, like so many people, professionals and others. I can follow up on my work at home. Now there’s technology at work making life a bit less cumbersome.

The media, the political pundits and the elected political hacks can fuss and fume. Does anyone think that Secretary of State Clinton or any other Secretary of State would intentionally forward classified information to our enemies or even those without a need to know? Perhaps people my age are just stupid when it comes to computer skills. We are not unpatriotic nor indifferent to the security interests of our country and neither is Hillary Clinton. It may be hard to say in the public forum I didn’t know. However when it comes to computers, it might be better for her to say she doesn’t know but was trying to do her job in the best possible manner.

Those who are constantly waving the red flag to imply something evil or sinister are both, that applies to the media and elected types. This entire issue is bogus if the intent is to show Mrs. Clinton is incompetent or unqualified. It’s time we all grew up and stopped listening to the kids in the back asking if we are there yet. The time has come to stop the car and get out. Move On.


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