DT or DT’S

Growing up we were told not to be like Uncle Pat. He was a drunk. When he got really crazy, Mom would tell us he had the DT’S. We didn’t know what that was but knew it wasn’t good. He acted pretty weird, said crazy things, didn’t make sense and was hard to understand. When I was old enough to know I found out that the DT’s was delirium tremors. This is a condition which follows a period of drinking alcohol and then discontinuing such drinking. Uncle Pat was generally a really nice guy who talked to us and acted normal except when he was on a drunk.

This condition when a person acts silly, maybe says stupid things and generally does not make sense was what Mom called the DT’S. Somehow it almost seems fitting that DT happens to be the initials for Donald Trump. I do not believe that he is drinking man but saying stupid things and not making sense does seem to apply.

Any person needs to understand a problem and then develop a solution to correct the problem. Mr. Trump does know that as a nation we do have certain problems. immigration, terrorism both international and the home grown type, economic issues, employment and job issues, income inequality, non responsive elected types indebted to PAC’s and others to name a few. Knowing a problem exists is not the same as understanding the problem. It is only paying lip service to it or pandering to people who believe they are impacted by the problem. Understanding a problem to include the cause and effect is essential to developing a potential solution. Even after the solution is implemented it needs constant follow up to know it’s results and any unintended consequences and to adjust the solution accordingly.

If you don’t know or can’t propose a solution, then you are in the wrong business or profession including seeking or holding public office. You may disagree with a candidate’s proposal for addressing a problem but I do expect every candidate to have a proposal. Telling us what’s wrong or who to blame is not a solution, it’s speaking without saying anything. This is unacceptable. If you don’t know then don’t run. Don’t tell me what I know or who to blame, we need options not self indulgent big mouths spouting nonsense.

You may not agree with proposed solutions by Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders but each has recognized the problem and constructed possible solutions. Mr. Trump has offered no solutions to agree or disagree with. Mr. Trump speaks all the time and receives extensive and excessive media coverage. I challenge anyone to state his proposed solution on any problem. As a point of clarification building a wall, deporting 11 million immigrants or not allowing a religious group to come to this country legally are not solutions to any problem and serve to aggravate the problems. When Alabama Governor George Wallace sought the presidential nomination he opposed bussing. His solution was to pull the plug on the bus batteries. Really not a solution but it appealed to many people. Hopefully we have gotten beyond that simplistic nonsense. Mr. Trump offers the same type of rhetoric. He talks a lot but says nothing, kind of like uncle Pat.


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