Courage Doesn’t Need A Loud Voice

After reading an article in the newspaper about Mr. Rogers, these thoughts came to mind. Perhaps we all or at least some of us, myself included, need to look at ourselves in a mirror. Who do see? What do we see? Is that the face of the person we are or the one we want to be?

As a boomer my generation preceded the Mr. Rogers PBS broadcasts. My children watched him but favored Sesame Street. My grandchildren need to rely on reruns of Mr. Rogers. As the article implies his message is still relevant and more important today. Mr. Rogers displayed “a meek and humble demeanor.” He would also speak in “a modest and conciliatory but proud and firm tone” never tough guy talk. He was never “dismissive or rude.” We adults, at least many of us, confuse this gentleness for weakness in Mr. Rogers and others. We too often see loud mouthed bluster as strength and not what it is, weakness and deceit. The loud mouth bully has never been someone to emulate at least he or she shouldn’t be. Someone said the person with courage is the one who runs toward the danger not away. Mr. Rogers possessed that kind of courage many of us, certainly me, failed to recognize. We need more courageous people like Mr. Rogers today, people who offer inspiration. Unfortunately we often only see bluster and blunder.


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