Running Scared

The media and bloggers reference how scared people are. How afraid of what Mr. Trump and his lapdog Republicans plan to do next.

The marches and action by many people are not motivated by fear. Many disagree with the attitude and direction which our supposed leaders seek to pursue. Afraid no, scared no but absolutely concerned. This is still our Democracy and no politicians have the right to place their personal or party’s interest above ours. The electorate has been somewhat lethargic partly due to a slowly recovering and essentially solid economy and partially feeling impotent. The people spoke up on November 8th and by a 3 million vote margin indicated the direction for the country to pursue. Granted that Mr. Trump was legally elected to the Presidency. That election was not a mandate for Mr. Trump and the Republicans. The majorities that they hold in Washington do not give them a blank check to act indifferently to the majority of people who hold different views on many issues.

Mr. Trump now disregards the electorate majority and generally the Republicans in the House and Senate. His views and executive orders are neither consistent with the electorate or the positions historically held by the Republican party. His views align more with Mr. Bannon and the ultra-right, white supremacist attitudes and policies. A wall along the Mexican border makes no sense. The actual number of Mexican people crossing the border is greater going south than coming north. Perhaps working with Mexico to minimize people from other countries passing through Mexico might make more American sense and cents. Torture is absurd, in fact crazy to discuss. If pain and extreme discomfort are inflicted on people, they don’t necessarily tell you the truth. These people tell you what they think you want to hear. Good and thorough interrogation techniques are taught as a part of Military Intelligence training in our country. Mr. Trump wouldn’t know, he never served. If it currently takes 2 to 3 years to gain access to this country as an immigrant or refugee, who may have worked with American forces in their home country, what is missing from Mr. Trump’s executive order other than a real reason and responsibility? The various financial and investment institutions nearly destroyed the world economy. Now Mr. Trump wants to allow these same institutions a free hand once again. If a child is not disciplined then their bad behavior will continue. If greedy rich people are not placed under some control their use of other people’s money will only serve their self interest, more money. Do we need to repeat the financial crises we just experienced? More foreclosures on working people will probably benefit some of Mr. Trump’s appointees.

As a country we expect our President and the members of Congress to act in our best interest. How do these actions and appointees pushed by the President and supported by Congress help working people? Does a wall which we pay for or not help people obtain a better job? Those who served in the military or who have any common sense do not think torture would work or be something we as a nation should advocate or use. Smart people don’t need to do stupid things. How does a person fleeing a terrible government and circumstances in their home country convince the various agencies that they seek a better life for their families and are not intending to do harm to this country? The review process is necessary and is currently time consuming and is extremely detailed today. What else other than precluding their access is possible? President Trump is great at criticizing but offers no indication of what’s wrong or how to make it better. Criticism without responsibility is no different than emotion masquerading as reason. The end result is never good and doesn’t address or fix the problem. “Fixin something that ain’t broke” is often the road pursued by politicians. The far worse path is breaking something then claiming to fix it. Where is a good Will Rogers quote when we need one?

Mr. Trump and all you members of Congress our nation is not scared or afraid, but you should be. The protests and emails and letters are not motivated by fear and are not going to end soon. This is America in the end we stand up for what’s right and for the underdog, the little guy. Your actions and attitudes have awoken us and we are speaking out. You, all of you in Congress, can listen, hear and join us now or face our wrath in 2018. Your time is coming and it’s coming to an end.


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