No Time For Anger

President-Elect Trump will soon be sworn in as President. My political, economic, environmental and labor positions are the polar opposite of his. His views about democracy, peace, people and even the media raise serious concerns. My first inclination on November 8th was to be angry. This was and probably still is a feeling held by many. Now I know that is not the direction myself or others need to pursue. The chosen course for me is maximum engagement.

I am beginning by both writing and calling my members of Congress to express my concerns and opposition, in an honest manner, to the appointments and policies of Mr. Trump. I believe a thorough review by Congress is appropriate.

My first concern will be about President-Elect Trump’s glaring conflicts of interest. How can he be our President and continue to engage in business within our country and outside the country? His decisions and actions need to be based on the good of this country and not be influenced by his financial interests. This includes the financial involvement of his family. How do you sit down for a family dinner and not discuss the business? A blind trust must be set up for his entire immediate family. Going a step further his cabinet and White House appointees must also disclose their business interest and taxes, as President-Elect Trump must, prior to taking office.

His appointees for various cabinet positions appear to lack the knowledge and understanding of the issues which each department is established to address. Fossil fuel advocates without any alternative energy experience may be a serious problem. Anti-labor and public education advocates do not bode well for working people. His love of military generals creates a different concern. When General Eisenhower was seeking the Presidency, there were serious concerns about a military person being the civilian head of the country and the military. As a nation we were fortunate in that as President, Ike understood and maintained the separation between the military and the constitutional mandate for civilian oversight.

Granted President Washington was also a general. However the military complex was very different from today. The military appointees by Mr. Trump are hardly in the same league as Washington and Eisenhower. Could he not find just as or more qualified civilians? This is shades of the fox and the hen-house. Who is watching the watchers?

The political affiliation, the policy positions, the personal characteristics of the President-Elect or his appointees is only part of the issue. This country has a 200 year history of Democracy, with a capital D, which did not happen automatically. It has required a diligence by all our elected leaders, the electorate and yes even the media. Common sense tells me this election result poses some grave danger for our Democratic form of government. If we take our freedoms for granted or place them in the hands of those with other interests, then their loss can occur rapidly. Diligence must always be the road we follow.

I am extremely disappointed to think Americans, working Americans would vote for Mr. Trump particularly in light of the disgraceful campaign he ran. He has set an awful precedent for what many may now consider acceptable. Some of these are people I am sure I know, probably worked with and even socialized with them. I will be more vocal in discussions now. No longer will “oh, it doesn’t matter be acceptable.” It does matter and will matter every day now. No, anger will not be my attitude but I will challenge any nonsensical comments from friends and others while always trying to be informative and truthful. Many people, even some friends may not like that. However I don’t like what they have done to our country. Many of them served this country and defended what America represents. In my opinion based on the actual reasons given for why a vote was cast for Mr. Trump, some people should be ashamed. Their continued support of his current direction as the President-Elect only reinforces that opinion. Anger no, but I will never forget what some voters have tried to do to our country. Each can still show their opposition to his rhetoric and pettiness or he will continue down this terrible road for our country. Either get on board or get off the track. Some of us will engage in the battle to stop his efforts and those of his supporters to change our country. Anger no, but we will stand up for America. This is something his supporters should have done, but still can by joining us and staying informed and engaged. Mr. Trump is about to learn he is not the president of some development company. He will be President of the United States of America. He will learn what former President Nixon learned, in the final analysis our constitution created a Presidency which stands alone. When the pressure comes the rats will desert the ship. He will remain alone to face the music by himself.


One thought on “No Time For Anger

  1. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I am extremely upset as are you. Democrats do need to get tougher and play “hardball.” I think it is just as important that we publicize, stream from the rooftops, whatever of the consequences of the policy changes coming from Trump and the Republicans. The loses from a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, temporary or otherwise, are devastating for working people, hospitals and even insurance companies, not that I care about them. The impact on us is my concern. Thank you for commenting. Please stay engaged.


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