Only A Moment Ago

Being philosophical and maudlin are not my mindset but I do want to be reflective. A few years ago I saw the movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” I don’t recall it receiving any special acclaim but I enjoyed it and recommend it. It addresses the concept of time and has a theological underpinning. This … More Only A Moment Ago

DT or DT’S

Growing up we were told not to be like Uncle Pat. He was a drunk. When he got really crazy, Mom would tell us he had the DT’S. We didn’t know what that was but knew it wasn’t good. He acted pretty weird, said crazy things, didn’t make sense and was hard to understand. When … More DT or DT’S

When Eagles Soar

Britain has decided to leave the European Union. If what I read is correct the vote had a split similar to current voting patterns in this country. The older Anglos without college degrees in areas of job loss or general economic stress supported leaving the European Union. This is often how Donald Trump supporters are … More When Eagles Soar

Angry OK, But Why?

The media and political pundits all offer their rationale. Voters are angry with Washington and so the electorate is voicing its anger through Trump and Sanders. I assume Washington means the House, Senate and President. Trump seems to draw support from older whites without a college degree. Sanders supporters are the young and better educated. … More Angry OK, But Why?