All For Whom!?

Three people, one appointed and two elected, are running the show in Washington. First we have Steve Bannon, the puppeteer, who works the Donald like Howdy Doody. He pulls the strings and the arms and the mouth move. Some may say that’s not true President Trump makes his own decisions, creates his own executive orders … More All For Whom!?

Running Scared

The media and bloggers reference how scared people are. How afraid of what Mr. Trump and his lapdog Republicans plan to do next. The marches and action by many people are not motivated by fear. Many disagree with the attitude and direction which our supposed leaders seek to pursue. Afraid no, scared no but absolutely … More Running Scared

No Time For Anger

President-Elect Trump will soon be sworn in as President. My political, economic, environmental and labor positions are the polar opposite of his. His views about democracy, peace, people and even the media raise serious concerns. My first inclination on November 8th was to be angry. This was and probably still is a feeling held by … More No Time For Anger


People talk of Mr. Trump as a Washington outsider. He is not a politician is how the story goes. Nothing could be further from being correct. A new highrise on the waterfront, a new Wal-Mart coming on the edge of town, a new giant shopping center are major issues at the local level of government. … More Outsider-In

Only A Moment Ago

Being philosophical and maudlin are not my mindset but I do want to be reflective. A few years ago I saw the movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” I don’t recall it receiving any special acclaim but I enjoyed it and recommend it. It addresses the concept of time and has a theological underpinning. This … More Only A Moment Ago

The Investigative Report (so called)

There are six  basis interrogatives any investigator needs to know  and to use. These are who, what, when, where, how and why,  This can be a criminal type investigation, academic investigation, general research, etc.  The use of these interrogatives should be procedural for any investigator.  In the current political climate it should be common and … More The Investigative Report (so called)

Fairness Matters

Like a bolt of lightning out of the clear blue he proclaimed that “fairness matters”. It seemed that he believed that he had finally stumbled onto the key. The hours of research had produced fruit and that fruit could be described in these two words. According to the book “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer this … More Fairness Matters