People Not Politics

After reading numerous letters to the editor in support of President Trump and some legislators, I ask myself do these people personally know Mr Trump and their legislators? The letters generally don’t question policies but rather are more personal. Letters that state these people are doing a great job. They are helping people as they promised during their campaigns. Why are others attacking them, give them a chance.

All elected leaders have a chance to do all the things they said they would to make lives better. It is the duty of each citizen to express dissatisfaction or disagreement with their actions as well as appreciation. Any criticism, positive or negative, should not be viewed as not giving a chance or hate or whatever term. If I disagree with a friend or coworker, I tell them. We don’t hate each other or punch each other or never talk to each other or call each other names. Junior high is long past and so should the silliness and immaturity of those learning years, perhaps the most difficult years of all.

What matters to us when we choose friends? I don’t ask which political party they are members of, who they voted for, do they know so and so who lives down the street always votes for you know the other side. We choose sides in sports not in how we believe or how we feel. What do we look for in our personal contacts, our friends?

Someone who talks straight, not a phony. One who doesn’t lie to me or about me to others. Someone who doesn’t ridicule or make fun of me or others. We use common sense in who we associate with, choose to be. friends with, socialize with. If we don’t like someone then we steer clear of them. If someone always talks badly of people or uses vulgar language, we avoid them. We all say some things we regret but don’t do so routinely. If someone constantly denies that they did something wrong, knowing they did, then proceeds to call the truth a lie or false, anything but never the truth, these are not good people.

I don’t need a college degree or an important job to recognize right from wrong. If I criticize someone it’s because I disagree with them. I don’t hate them nor call them liars, I try to understand their position, determine if it is more correct than mine or even try to learn from the other person. Later I may determine we disagree on political issues but so what? We talk, we listen and learn or maybe teach. If I know you personally we certainly can disagree on political issues and politicians.

We seem to have gone in a different direction when it comes to politicians and politics. President Kennedy’s political views were different from Senator Barry Goldwater but when the political arguing was over, they were friends irrespective of the outcome. President Reagan held positions I would disagree with but I honestly believe that I would have enjoyed meeting him and being around him. Congressman Tip O’Neil said President Reagan told great jokes. Some people don’t speak kindly of President Obama but when he was speaking or telling a joke as he laughed at his own joke, it really tickled me.

We need to realize that we really don’t personally know these political types. Can we decide to learn what they support and vote for? If we disagree we can explain why and then go drink a beer or glass of wine with people we do know regardless of their political views. We did this in the past and we need to do it again. Common sense is still our best option.


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