Anger And Dignity

The language in the presidential election wreaks. The talk of the size of body parts and who wants to do whom is or should be beneath anyone over twelve never mind running for public office. Then there are the outright lies, not exaggerations just lies, totally made up nonsense. Add to this the media which Trump says is rigged against him. This enemy of Trump then publishes, prints and regurgitates his babble as if it has any basis in fact. Who’s dumb now?

This has to be the most vulgar political campaign ever. Then we hear he’s the lesser of two evils. We have a foul-mouthed very rich guy who thinks he can have whatever woman he chooses and she should be grateful. His business dealings are suspect at best. He neither served nor supported his country. He praises ruthless political enemies of our country. He speaks like a two-bit banana republic dictator. Admittedly he says he doesn’t read and clearly shows that when he opens his mouth. He began his business with dad’s help and money. Mr. Trump was certainly born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has replaced that with his foot in his mouth. He believes he is entitled to what ever he wants. He is like the rich crook who when convicted of various serious crimes and only then is sorry. The Republican Party should be sorry now but then why? He is their creation. Ronald Reagan told us the problem is government. He was incorrect. Government is not the problem. Elected leaders who distort or diminish what government can and should do, there lies the problem. Lower taxes and less government has been the Republican mantra every election cycle for the past thirty going on forty years. The Republicans have been in a position to lead and make the necessary changes which they claim we need. What has that done for us as a nation?

The very rich have lower if not the lowest taxes. Corporations outsource and move off shore and reduce or eliminate our jobs while paying less in taxes. I won’t attempt to criticize George W. Bush for his venture into the middle east and Iraq in particular. Regardless that was a war on a credit card with those who have trouble qualifying for a credit card fighting it. The economy nearly imploded on the Republican watch and they blamed the poor for obtaining mortgages for which they couldn’t really qualify without the government. Wait, the government doesn’t give mortgages, financial institutions do. Their highly skilled staff review all applications, require appraisals and do income checks. It’s called qualifying which is what the lender does. Their financial geniuses were too busy thinking about bundling these into derivatives to sell. Could these people pay, were the properties over valued? Not their problem, too busy getting rich but don’t worry the government will have to bail us out. We are too big to fail. Their idea of cutting costs is to reduce what Republicans like to call entitlements like social security and medicare. I thought that we paid into both with every paycheck every day of our working lives. Now it’s an entitlement which can be arbitrarily reduced. If there are problems, before being elected they all claimed to have the answers, fix them but not at our expense. We paid into it and you have used our money for years. You get your paycheck on time and you also have free health insurance. I owned a small business for many years and provided employer paid health insurance. Every year I had to adjust it or pay higher premiums or higher deductibles or both. If someone actually needed to use the insurance, I got hammered on my premium. The republicans keep telling us this is the best medical care system in the world. That is utter nonsense. Finally some type of change to health insurance is created with the Affordable Care Act. Not a single Republican voted to support it, offered any proposed amendments to improve it but simply called for the repeal of it. People who did not have insurance now can, about 20 million at last count. If I get sick the insurance companies still must insure me, not drop me. Younger people can remain on a family policy longer. Now the Republicans complain it costs too much, premiums are too high, deductibles are too high. Where were their concerns when I was complaining. Oh, I know, in bed with the insurance industry then and now. Let’s see what other civic-minded actions have the Republicans pursued. Impeach a President because he denied having sex with a consulting adult. I don’t think that is an impeachable offence for their candidate. Attack Secretary of State Clinton because of an uprising in Libya and the death of the ambassador. The death of 240 plus American marines in Lebanon didn’t warrant such a spectacle but that was during a Republican presidency with the Democrats in control of congress. The newly elected African-American President should be a one term president according to the Republican leader of the Senate.

I know Donald Trump is incompetent and unqualfied to be president. As much as I may object to him, I know he is the result of the attitude and policies of the Republican Party. The attitude described in the prior paragraph became the breeding ground for this contemptible candidate. He is an outgrowth of that callous, arrogant, anything goes attitude. He can say anything he wants, use any language, fabricate anything and have some people accept it and believe him. He and the party that created him are a disgrace and all deserve to be defeated in this election cycle. He and the Republican Party have created a totally unacceptable way to campaign which allows repugnant speech and outright demagoguery. I try not to become angry. That would not be dignified. That was BT, Before Trump. The Republican Party through him is and has been harming our country with their rhetoric and our way of life with their policies. They deserve to be voted out of office. For quite some time I knew that I would vote for Hillary Clinton for President. This year is not a normal election year. You think the Trump supporters for angry. Believe me when I say myself and many people like me are really anger about the havoc these clowns want to wreak on our great country. My anger this year is being vented by going down the ballot with dignity. If you are a Democrat you will have my vote. The Republican era is done, as it should be.


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