My Opinion

I try to read as much as time allows, the local newspaper, national newspapers, material on the various web sites, some television and NPR on the radio. My attempt is to review each with a skeptic’s approach and not a cynical one. In this election year the Presidential election is in the forefront. Generally most information is pro or con, critical or positive and sometimes the media coverage in all forms is simply stupid and intended to grab a headline to sell ad time. This can be most unfortunate but the media in all forms is merely corporate America looking to the bottom line. This may be understandable but certainly regrettable.

This election season is not even either/or. How often do we hear I don’t like either Presidential candidate but think so and so is the one I have to vote for? It’s as if we have no choice, both are so wrong for the office. I also hear the other extreme the my candidate has to win because he or she is just beyond belief the best. My neighbor’s or co-worker’s opinion, although I will generally be polite and listen, oftentimes is their perceived belief and not based on actual reading, research in an effort to understand the issues, the candidates positions and even what may be in a person’s best interest.

I tend to be less passive now. I have to question how or why a person holds a certain opinion, particularly if I do not believe it is factual or correct. Where did that information come from is a question that needs to be asked. Perhaps they did read or obtain some information which I should know and was not aware of. Generally the information will not change my opinion, not because I believe I know more, but rather the information is not factual. Oftentimes fact is not the issue as much as the rationale to support a candidate is based on a reason which has nothing to do with the candidate’s potential performance or success if elected.

This morning the New York Times endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Rather than a side by side analysis of the candidates, the editorial stated the qualifications and reasons to support Mrs. Clinton. The editorial invited people to read the information in the article and to reach their own conclusion. A conclusion based on facts about the ability and qualifications which she possesses. In all honesty I had decided much earlier that I would vote for Hillary Clinton. People who remain undecided or possess any doubts about her should read it. After reading it, a person can compare in their mind whether Mrs. Clinton should be their candidate.

As for me let me state most emphatically I believe Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate to seek the Presidency. She definitely has my vote and she should have yours. I would suggest everyone take the time to read the New York Times opinion.


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