Where Have All The Knights Gone?

My world, our world, has changed. Perhaps gradually but it seemed so suddenly or perhaps we just didn’t notice it passing. Many things we took as a given aren’t any more. Education or school was simpler. Walk there, maybe dad drops you off, one car families, many moms didn’t drive, as I recollect. After school … More Where Have All The Knights Gone?


Only A Moment Ago

Being philosophical and maudlin are not my mindset but I do want to be reflective. A few years ago I saw the movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” I don’t recall it receiving any special acclaim but I enjoyed it and recommend it. It addresses the concept of time and has a theological underpinning. This … More Only A Moment Ago


Virtually none of the “mainstream” Republican party leadership found him acceptable or supported Mr. Trump’s presidential bid. Now that his nomination is inevitable where do these principled leaders stand? Do these leaders really seek what is best for our country through the policies which they support or is their allegiance principally to the Republican Party? … More DUPING THE DOPES