Iran Nuclear Agreement ???

We should all read, listen and view all that we can to understand the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran.  This is a requirement for all citizens, particularly in a Democracy.  We often prefer the shortcuts which take less time and little thinking. The media provides the thirty-second flashes needed to compete in the 24 hour news world which constantly repeats the same blurb throughout the day.    We need to be provided complete details with clarification by knowledgeable persons with expertise in the field.  Reporters can do an excellent job of reporting the facts.  However analysis and evaluation are not the functions of editors and reporters.  These people need to open the door to understanding through information.  We then need educated expert opinions not the generalizations of the media consultant who is formerly with or retired from this or that organization.  We definitely do not need the views of biased politicians with their own agenda.  I expect my elected representative to provide an informed opinion to the electorate of his or her opinion and why.  It is then our responsibility, the electorate, to advise our representatives what we expect them to do.  Our representatives can choose to vote consistent with the wishes he perceives to be the majority opinion.  He or she may believe us to be wrong and meet with the community and explain why we are incorrect.  The representative may opt to vote as he or she sees fit based on whatever motivation.  If following this path which is too often the most common path, then there should be consequences at election time.

This agreement based on what I have read and learned from knowledgeable and informed people is a good agreement.  It limits Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons but allows nuclear research for peaceful purposes.  What more do we expect?  We know our enemy and understand that Iran falls within that definition. However the people of Iran are educated and do not hate  Americans.  Only through contact and some form of cooperation can we expect a peaceful coexistence to ever be developed.  Is it a perfect agreement, probably not.  Could it be better that is unlikely.  I have to wonder, if our allies like it including neighbors to Iran then what is so bad.  We have academicians, statesmen and people who  are knowledgeable in this area favor it. Some democrats also support it.  However I do not know of any republicans who support it nor any that offer any constructive criticism.  All I hear is that a better agreement could be obtained apparently by them.  It seems the options are to oppose or rattle the saber.  Easy for those who are not held accountable or who never experienced the actual effects of war or when you know your son or daughter will not be drafted or volunteer.  Politicians without principles are a serious sin per Gandhi. These seem to abound today.  Those of us who accept that are just as guilty and likewise seem to be in abundance today.

We need to be an informed and educated electorate.  This we need to decide to do on our own or we can agree to decisions being made without our input or understanding.  The consequences are ours to  bear or maybe only for that small percentage of us who actually serve in the military who bear the consequences.  Are we that indifferent or callous?

This may be the most important foreign policy decision of our lifetime.  We had better care and be informed.  The consequences are more than just another stupid hateful decision.  Let’s make a serious effort at getting it right.


Phil Ward

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