Do Our Leaders Care About Us?

Read today’s newspaper or review any informational outlet be it websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or whatever, what are our so called leaders saying, doing, posting, etc?  We have people in Wahington, DC complaining about an effort to limit nuclear proliferation and potentially stopping it.  Our state legislators are passing legislation to limit abortions, gay unions, LGBT bathroom use, and denying the cause and or effects of global warming. Millions of people, a substantial number of whom, are children have no health insurance.  I seem to recall a presidential candidate suggesting that the public hospital emergency room provides for their needs.

Public Education is taking a heavy hit in funding as more money goes to Charter Schools under the guise of more choices.  On the surface this sounds good but better choice for whom?  Those who have the time and ability to get their children to these so called better schools.  A few charter schools have been successful and improved the quality of education.  Generally charter schools amount to publicly funded schools without those budget breaking, work reducing unions and accountability.  Last time I checked a starting teacher is paid less than most if not all professionals.  Come to think of it teachers only effect our children and the future of our country.  We probably should better invest In private prisons rather than real public schools.   

 If these are not issues that concern you and you are satisfied with our current direction, then you probably voted for the right people in the last election and will get to do it again in about eighteen months.  If you think as a people we can do better then we had also better change our direction.  Getting off our duff and reading, listening and watching so we can vote for those who agree with us and what we believe would be a start.  Policies derived from ignorance, stupidity, prejudice or self preservation never result in leadership.  These policies only hopelessly confound and confuse the situation.  As we used to say in the Army SNAFU.

Phil Ward

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